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Kabali – The Thalaiva

I had the option of seeing the movie in Hindi or Tamil (of course with English sub-titles) and I am so delighted I chose the latter. Watching a Rajni movie amidst Rajni fans is something one must experience at least once. Right from the time the movie starts and announces ‘Super Star Rajni’ in and as Kabali, the shouting, whistling, clapping, screaming starts and reaches a crescendo at the time of his arrival on screen. And the entry scene is shot in slow motion, to allow the fans to soak in as much as they want of their super hero. And you just can’t stop but join the party and clap and whistle, welcoming Rajni Sir.


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Sairat – Compelling

Sairat is the love story of Prashant Kamble (Parshya) and Archana Patil (Aarchi). Parshya is the local hero of the village Bittergaon, winning matches for the home team, a la Dhoni style. But is from the low caste and could only dream of having a girl like Archie in his life. Archie is the daughter of the local landlord/ politician/ gang master and from a higher caste. She is bold, brave, dominating, smart and sairaat (wild and free) and has the entire village boys and girls dancing to her tunes.

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Bajirao Mastani – Mast ani Magnanimous

The movie has gathered a lot of controversy, before the release, about the authenticity of the story and historic accuracy. But the makers have a disclaimer right upfront claiming no accuracy and taking cinematic liberties. So that rests the case.
The movie is about the love story between Peshwa Bajirao Bhallal (Ranveer Singh), his wife Kashibai (Priyanka Chopra) and his love, Princess Mastani (Deepika Padukone). But the story has two layers – A hindu warrior with a muslim princess and a married man falling in love with another woman.

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