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Chhapaak is such a sensitive movie. Its made with so much of heart. We all can imagine the side effects and trauma of an acid attack and we have also come across or seen people who have survived the attack. But seeing it on celluloid sends a chill down your spine. The movie brings this trauma to life and your heart goes out for the victims.
Though the movie is about the trauma and dealing with the aftermath of the attack the movie is not at all traumatic. But it’s gut wrenching and stirs your soul, the scenes are shot in a very humane manner and nothing is in your face. Full marks to Meghna Gulzar for that.
The psyche of the attacker to take away your identity or disfigure your identity is beyond comprehension. But the movie preaches how the human spirit and beauty of the soul triumphs. We have admired Deepika for her looks and grace but here you will adore Malti (the acid attack victim played by her) for grit and determination to succeed.
Can’t praise Meghna Gulzar enough for taking such a sensitive topic and weaving such a beautiful story of courage and triumph. The movie brings to light this ugly face of our society. Our heads need to hang in shame at the lack of empathy and our treatment of the acid attack survivors.
The movie starts with a very pertinent question
Who needs more of our compassion, attention, mind space and activism – Acid Attack Survivors or Rape Attack Survivors?
Yes surely both.
But do we give it to both? Equally?

Deepika has done a fabulous job and so has the other cast. The lyrics by Gulzar are quite haunting too. Editing and screenplay is top class.
Please watch it.
Please watch it.
Please watch it.

Pink – The Revolution

Only thing we know of the movie, through its trailers, is about a court case and Amitabh Bachchan as a lawyer asking candid questions, loud and clear, about sex and assessing characters of girls, and asking about virginity and how many times she has sex, something never seen on the Indian screens before. One gets reminded of Amrish Puri as advocate Chadda, in the movie Damini, asking intimate details of rape and the witnesses/ accused bashfully submitting to the humiliation and scurrying for cover. But now times have changed, these girls want to answer these questions loud and clear. They are not inhibited about themselves, their lifestyle, their clothes, work or sexuality.

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Rustom – Slow Slow Slow


Rustom the story is based on the sensational case of Cdr. Nanavati, though the makers make no claim of it. But the similarities in the story are uncanny. The movie Rustom is set in 1959 where Rustom Pavri (Akshay Kumar) is a decorated naval officer, who on return from one of his assignments on ship finds his wife, Cynthia (Ileana D’Cruz)  having an affair with a casanova, Vikram Makhija (Arjan Bajwa). In a fit of rage, Rustom takes his service revolver and kills Vikram and surrenders to the police. In the court, where trial is by jury, Rustom pleads ‘not guilty’. Continue reading

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