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Aarti was in the shower. She had returned from the weekend getway with her office colleagues. Her phone was lying around carelessly on her bed and her husband Samir was watching TV, lazing on the bed. Just then Aarti’s phone beeped and beeped again and again.

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Celestial Love

The three were always together. Together before time began. No one knows how long. Infinite past. Entrapped in the same body and soul, a larger being. Just aimlessly floating in space. Not knowing what destiny had in store. And on a fateful night under some extreme pressure the three, Aftaab – the Sun, Hertha- the Earth and Qamar – the Moon came into being along with many others.

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The phone rang and Priyanka woke up flustered as she had a late night and now a call at this untimely hour. Half sleepy she picked her mobile and the screen flashed ‘Ma Calling’. Suddenly her heart sank and sleep vanished. She glanced at the watch it blinked 2:42 am. She murmured a quick prayer before receiving the call.
She heard her mother’s very frightened voice whisper “Your Papa”
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