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The Old Mirror


Rummaging through some old things
Got my hands on an old mirror

The old mirror showed me my young image
The face of my innocence
The reflection of my ambitions
The refraction of my courage

It showed me some old friends
Some incomplete love stories
Some unrequited love
Some sweet hearts now turned sour

The old mirror got me some flickers now burning as bright flames
Some restless storms now turned calm
Some saplings now big thick trees
Some notions no longer around
Some serene rivulets now raging rivers

It reminded of some promises to change the world
Some promises to never say good bye
Some promises to never forget
Some promises to rule the world

The face in the mirror was almost a stranger
The features now have changed and so have the impressions
The wrinkles of the ruthless seasons the scars of the battles within
The glow of the victories shining through
The serenity of time elapsed

It had to take an old mirror
To know the distance travelled
To know the life lived

Rummaging through some old things
Got my hands on my old diary
My mirror of the era gone-by


  1. Devika


  2. tasneem

    Nostalgic… Could relate so much…well versed!

  3. Raja

    Nice one indeed 🙂

  4. Saifuddin

    Excellent. You have taken us in our old days & sweet and sour memories.

  5. Santosh

    Nice One Abbas..

  6. Lulua

    Reminding me of my days gone by….excellent !!!

  7. Kamish

    Amazing Brother !! You are really finding yourself back .

  8. Ali

    Superb Abbas! It’s heartfelt. I hope people continue to write diaries

  9. Lloyd

    Nicely written Abbas !! Keep going !!

  10. Tasneem Doriwala

    Amazing… such a deep thought expressed with absolute simplicity…
    Proud of u my friend???

  11. Dr Khozem

    Nice Lines Abbas
    Reminds me the truth of Life

  12. Huzaifa

    Superb. Fact of Life

  13. Shlok

    Old Diary ………… A mirror; so true to all of us…………….

  14. Samar

    Excellent analogy. Very simple thought effectively put across. Waiting for more 🙂

  15. Insiya


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