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On a Rainy Day


I wonder how often you think of me
When the rain lashes your panes

Does it remind you how much I love the rains
When it gets breezy
Do you think of me sending those kisses to you
When you look at the Moon
Do you remember how I think it shines in your reflected glory
When you hear our favorite songs
Do you remember how much I like those lyrics
When you are laughing and having fun
Do you remember the hysterical laughter bouts we shared
When you wear the color white
Do you remember how beautiful I think you look in that
When you look in the mirror
Do you remember how I keep staring at that face
When the night gets cold
Do you remember the warmth of my body
When you are tired and just about to fall asleep
Do you remember how my last thought before sleeping is you
When you see a couple in embrace
When you hear the word love
When you are alone and close your eyes
I wonder how often you think of me?


  1. Shagufta

    Awesome as always

  2. Murtaza Jamboora

    Awesome mera sayer dost.

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