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Irrevocably in to you…


You are my wonderful blessing
You are my shinning star

With you I’ve learnt to love unconditionally
With you I’ve learnt to love myself
With you love gets a new meaning with vicissitudes of life
With you now I know what euphoria is
I’m so irrevocably into you

No matter how tough life gets
You always know how to bring sunshine back
No matter how far we may be sometimes
You bridge the distances with your thoughts and words
No matter how lonely life gets
You bring warmth and intimacy back
I’m so irrevocably into you

Happiness is knowing you are besides me
Happiness is knowing I am in your prayers
Happiness is knowing you love me so deeply
Happiness is you
Happiness is us
I’m so irrevocably into you

And I want to vow to remain
So irrevocably into you… forever…!!!


  1. Najeeb

    Abbas Really Appreciated.
    Kip it up.

  2. Khadija

    Beautifully written

    • Jamil

      Well written Bhai . Pyaar jaga Rahe Ho ??

  3. Tasneem

    Awww ….Abbas ???

  4. Anita

    Lovely luv poem???

  5. Mannan

    Beautiful ??

  6. Srinivas Reddy

    Excellent written sir keep it up..?

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