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Pink – The Revolution


Only thing we know of the movie, through its trailers, is about a court case and Amitabh Bachchan as a lawyer asking candid questions, loud and clear, about sex and assessing characters of girls, and asking about virginity and how many times she has sex, something never seen on the Indian screens before. One gets reminded of Amrish Puri as advocate Chadda, in the movie Damini, asking intimate details of rape and the witnesses/ accused bashfully submitting to the humiliation and scurrying for cover. But now times have changed, these girls want to answer these questions loud and clear. They are not inhibited about themselves, their lifestyle, their clothes, work or sexuality.

The movie begins with a boy badly injured in a scuffle and friends taking him to a hospital and swearing revenge from a group of girls. The girls (group of three) scared from the incident running back home and trying to get back to normal lives and forget the incident. But the boys egoes and chauvinism does not let them let go and need to ‘show the girls their place’. They start stalking the girls and threaten with dire consequences. The girls lodge a police complain and now the boys get back vehemently, this has now added insult to injury. The boys in turn file a case of prostitution and soliciting against the girls and an attempt to murder , for refusing the girls.

The girls are out on bail but the case must go on. And does a girl wearing a short dress, partying with friends, laughing and touching and down a few drinks means it’s an invitation or consent from her, to have sex. Are her living alone, ambition, working hours, length of skirts, number of boyfriends, virginity and libido manifestation of character? She may have had sex before – one- night stand, boy-friends, committed relations or sex favors but it was all through consent. And no matter how over friendly, drunk, low character (whatever that is) and available she is but when she says ‘No’ it’s a ‘No’, and this is what the boys need to know and understand. And this is not only for the affluent or the well-connected but all walking with a phallus. The time has come to put an end to the feudal and misogynist ways. Its time to put an end to the bigotry. Boys with the patriarchal thinking and power of money and connections cannot take a girl for granted. And the movie drives this point very well.

And its expected of Sujit Sircar to take up the issue and present it sans all inhibitions. The plot of the movie is very thin, but it highlights the cause and plight of our new age women well. Had it not been for some crisp editing, sharp performances and thoughtful direction the movie would have fallen through. And the best part, you never get to see the actual incident and is presented by the versions of the boys, waiters, managers and the girls, but by the end you have a clear picture of what must have transpired at the time.

Taapsee Pannu as Minal (the main accused)is very good. She is so endearing. In between you just feel like holding her and giving her a tight hug and say ‘all will be fine you’ve done nothing wrong’. Kirti Kulhari as Falak Ali is well done too. Andrea playing a girl from north-east India has played the gullible part well. And of course Amitabh Bachchan as lawyer Deepak Sehgal is in a memorable role. The character sketching is a little hazy but he makes up for it with his acting. Actually the story does not delve too much in to the past or the character building of any of the actors, but that’s fine. Background score is good. Please wait till the end credits roll, it’s a must.

Girls take your sons, brothers, bosses, friends, boy friends, husbands.  For yourself girls get some courage and fight, the PINK revolution should start. Put an end to bigots saying what should women wear, work, what time they come home and whom should they love and make love….!!!


  1. Tasneem

    Super flick super review!

  2. Saurav C

    Well reviewed Abbas, reading the review is tempting me to watch Pink immediately.

  3. Kalpana shah

    Well written review. I am going to watch today ?

  4. Lloyd

    Had started watching last night. Review has made it a must watch. Thanks Abbas.

  5. Hemant m satam

    Like to see plnk.

  6. Raghavendra BG

    Wonderful review. In fact watched the movie on d day of release. Abbasji it’s well analysed & reviewed with honesty & straight from heart. Keep it up….

  7. Anita

    Wonderfully reviewed Abhi, gives the interest to watch??

  8. Raja

    Well reviewed Abby !
    Just saw it yesterday, one line I wud disagree on though.
    The girls are modern but they do have their apprehensions and have not shed their inhibitions totally, (No, they do NOT wish to discuss their private lives unabashedly) but opt to do so since they want d truth to come to light. You can see the girls sqirming in the witness stand.

    Overall, once again a nice review n well put.

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