Fitoor as it says is an adaptation of ‘Great Expectations’. Written in 1861 and adapted multiple times. But here the movie is not entirely adapted but more so influenced by the book.

The movie has Noor (Adiya Roy Kapoor) a young boy living in Kashmir in militancy times. Noor is very good with art and helps his sister and brother-in-law with the design and artifacts carpentry shop. The city has a mysterious Hazrat Begum (Tabu), a royal, lives alone in a deserted palace, which many believe is haunted.  But she is a provider for Noor’s brother-in-law by assigning odd jobs at the palace. On one such visit to the palace Noor tags along with his brother-in-law. The Begum finds Noor amusing and offers him a job in the stables. Begum has a young daughter – Firdaus (Katrina Kaif). Noor as a child sees her and falls in love with her. Firduas takes him as a good friend and they spend quite some time together.

Begum realizes Noor’s love for Firdaus and immediately reminds him of his status and ebbs him to make himself worthy of Firdaus. Then with sudden turn of events, Firdaus is sent to London to study. Noor Continues to work in the shop and hone his artistic gift. He grows up thinking of Firdaus with childhood memories of time spent with her and making himself capable of Firdaus.

As a teenager he receives a scholarship to do an art course with one of the leading artists in Delhi, and eventually becomes famous. He stays in Delhi with some of the acquaintances of Begum and here he meets Firdaus. All the childhood memories and love come flooding back to him. Firdaus on the other hand, is in love with a classmate in London and is about to get engaged, to him.

From here the story does not go as predictable.

There are quite a few surprises about who has given the scholarship to Noor and does Begum find Noor good enough for Firdaus or did she always think he was or he was not? What is Begum’s past and how is it impacting the present of Noor.

The first half of the movie is shot in Kashmir and it looks very beautiful. But the cinematography and the hues reminds you of the movie Haider. A random shot of the Dal lake and you would assume you are watching Haider. The parts in Delhi are mostly shot indoors.

The movie is made well and shot superbly but somehow it lacks the depth. It just remains on the surface and does not go really into soul searching, though it had lot of potential. The  direction is good in places, but the script is just too shallow.

Tabu with all the jewelry and dresses looks aristocratic and charming. But again very similar to her role in Haider. A little disappointed here. Aditya Roy Kapoor is the best amongst the lot. Very well portrayed.

Katrina is the weakest link here. If she could act even a fraction of how she looks, she would be much better off. Looks very pretty but disappointed by her acting, just can’t emote.

Nothing great about the music. But the background score is good.

Left the theatre thinking – what an opportunity lost. Could have been much better than this !!!