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The Gyming Dilemma


I have not been seeing the back of the gym in the last 5 months. And have been just piling on and hoping to lose it all once I start to gym again. Though I set an alarm for 5.30 am everyday but this is what happens when the alarm sets off…

My hand reaches for the mobile and swipe the screen to snooze the alarm for 10 minutes and the following conversation begins –

Muscle – Good Morning… what an amazing morning lets go for a jog and exercise…
Fat – Oh! Its you again..zzzzzz
Muscle – Come on..come on …young man don’t miss the beautiful morning…
Fat – Please.. can we just lie down for a few more minutes
Muscle – Oh! Shut up you lump of lard…
Fat – I am the energy, I am stored to be used in difficult times, you won’t know
Muscle – Come on lets go dude, remember your lean look…
Fat- Wait… lean is mean, fatty is happy…
Muscle – Just let me get started and then see how i burn you in fire…
I – Shut up both of you, can I have some peace.
Fat – Exactly
Muscle – Oh you getting older, need to be fit. Getting started is the toughest, then its just a habit.
Fat- He is running around all day, that’s enough…
Muscle – Don’t listen to him, he is just lying around and does nothing
Fat – Oh! Mr. Muscle you don’t know, number of places and the kind of food he eats to get me, and don’t forget the desserts and chocolates. So its all about you, is it?

The alarm goes off again… I reach for my mobile and press snooze again

Muscle- you are almost awake now, lets go
Fat – Its so dark outside, the whole city is sleeping. And you will wake up the kids
Muscle – yes lets go… you remember how good the cold morning breeze feels on your face when you run… come on lets feel that…
Fat – Okay from tomorrow, will prepare everything in the night and can immediately leave, lets sleep now
Muscle – lets get in shape dude you know how much girls like the bulge in your arms…
Fat – the only bulge they like is the one in your wallet, don’t get fooled, sleep.
Muscle – Shut Up… Shut Up…
Fat – O!… Angry young man… you are causing all the ruckus…you shut up
I – Please can I have some peace…
Fat – Tomorrow we will go for sure
I – Yes from tomorrow for sure…

I cancel the alarm and sleep. And fat survives another day…!!!


  1. Joanna

    Abby this is hilarious and I guess evryobe goes thru this phase..its a funny and awesome read..I just couldn’t stop laughing..

  2. Aliasger


  3. Aliasger


  4. Shahid

    A sharp mind is better than a sharp body. I am on fats side. You think and write so much, for sure that’s great exercise for your mind. I think that’s enough.
    Like it Abbas.

  5. Saifuddin

  6. Raghavendra BG

    Good one…

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